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Code and Console: My Journey Beyond Pixels



As a young boy, I fell in love with software through the captivating world of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. Dreaming of becoming a software developer, I hoped to combine my passion for gaming with my future career. However, reality struck as I found myself developing business software for small companies, far from the gaming industry I had imagined.

Seeking new challenges, I transitioned to Product Management and later Product Marketing, working for a large corporation. Despite acquiring valuable skills and experiencing professional growth, I yearned for something more fulfilling and personal.

When my wife set out to establish her own business, I seized the opportunity to support her, taking charge of the technical aspects such as website development, marketing, and SEO. Simultaneously, I embarked on a freelancing journey, creating websites and web applications for small businesses, helping them achieve their digital aspirations.

As my reputation grew, clients commended my natural teaching abilities and my unique, simplified approach to technology. Inspired by their words, I decided to launch a tech blog that demystified technology, making it accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

“Code and Console: My Journey Beyond Pixels” follows my transformative journey from a wide-eyed boy mesmerized by video games to a skilled professional, husband, and teacher, who ultimately discovers his true calling in empowering others through the fusion of technology and education.

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My Journey Beyond Pixels

That being the case, these days I find myself delving into novel contraptions and tinkering with fresh software, working till the wee hours of the night. My aim is to present to you the latest fads and tools in a manner that’s plain as day and simple to grasp.