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Ink Affairs: Top 6 E Ink Tablet Options in 2023

Like a kid in a candy store, you’re setting off on your search for the ultimate E Ink tablet. Worry not! Picture this blog post as your lighthouse, its beacon gleaming amidst the foggy marshlands of electronic ink displays. Together, we’re going on a treasure hunt, unearthing those sparkling gems in this ever-morphing gadget bazaar. So, buckle up and hold on to your spectacles, it’s time for a wild ride!

We’ll be exploring some of the top contenders in the E Ink tablet arena, from reMarkable 2’s realistic writing experience to Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C’s full-color display. Along our journey, we’ll also discover affordable options like Amazon’s Kindle Scribe and innovative note-taking solutions such as Supernote A5 X.

So grab your magnetic stylus and join us as we dive into these fascinating devices that promise a delightful blend of old-school penmanship with modern technology – all while keeping an eye on what lies ahead for this intriguing segment of tablets.

The Rise of E Ink Tablets

In the far-off kingdom of silicon and semiconductors, a new species of gadgetry was stirring—enter the E Ink tablets. These enchanting little marvels gambled on a whimsical premise: to merge the nostalgia of leafing through physical books with the zing of digital screens. It was like trying to cross-pollinate a library with a computer lab—an experience that tasted oddly organic to both ink-slingers and story-devourers.

Meanwhile, for the electronic glitterati—those audacious typers, clickers, scroll wizards, and pixel-shufflers—these E Ink tablets extended an enticing proposition. They were like a serene oasis in the midst of the techno-jungle, offering a reprieve from the usual gadgetry hubbub while still delivering readability that could make an eagle squint, and note-taking capabilities that would give even the most meticulous of secretaries a run for their money.

How did these remarkable devices come into existence? 

  • E Ink displays were born out of a desire for better reading experiences with less eye strain.
  • Developers conjured up tablets that could replicate the look and feel of paper without sacrificing convenience or functionality.
  • The latest Android operating systems joined forces with magnetic styluses to create powerful tools for taking notes like never before.

In this ever-evolving world where bigger screens compete against front-lit displays for our attention (and wallets), one thing is certain: E Ink tablets are here to stay. As their popularity soars, companies continue pushing boundaries by introducing innovative features such as:

  1. E Ink screens that rival the crispness of a freshly printed page.
  2. Stylus input that makes writing feel as natural as pen on paper (without the ink smudges).
  3. Google Play Store access, opening up a world of Android apps to enhance productivity and creativity.
  4. Premium pens with pressure sensitivity for an even more authentic writing experience.

So, let us embark on this journey together, exploring the realm of E Ink tablets – their triumphs and tribulations – in search of the perfect device to accompany us on our quests for knowledge, inspiration, and success.

E Ink tablets, with their ink displays as captivating as an artist’s canvas and stylus input that feels like a magic wand, aren’t merely gadgets. No, they’re aspiring lifestyle coaches. For the modern nomads yearning for some zen in their digital haystacks, these tablets serve as a nifty tool. Not only simplifying their hectic lives but also harnessing software power as a springboard towards their stairway to success. So, stay tuned because this, dear reader, is just the beginning of our thrilling e-ink journey.

Main Takeaway

E Ink tablets emerged as a bridge between physical books and digital screens, offering readers and writers an organic experience. These devices promise minimal distractions while still delivering excellent readability and note-taking capabilities, making them the perfect tool for those who want to simplify their lives and leverage software on their journey to success.

Top E Ink Tablets in the Market

Welcome to the world of E Ink tablets – a place where paper meets pixels and pens dance with digital prowess. As our appetite for minimal distractions and superb readability grows, so does the smorgasbord of E Ink tablet offerings. Let’s explore some of the finest treasures:

  1. reMarkable 2: The crown jewel among note-takers, this beauty offers an unparalleled writing experience that’ll make you feel like Shakespeare reincarnated.
  2. Boox Note Air2 Plus: A sleek charmer with essential functionalities wrapped in a modern design that screams sophistication.
  3. Kobo Elipsa 2E: This gentle giant boasts a ComfortLight feature and a high-resolution screen for those who crave comfort during long reading sessions.
  4. Kindle Scribe: Amazon’s budget-friendly contender packs quite a punch with its impressive display (300 ppi) and PDF markup capabilities – perfect for penny-pinching bookworms.
  5. Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C: A colorful chameleon flaunting advanced hardware such as a full-color E Ink screen, powerful camera (16-megapixel), ample RAM capacity (4GB), and Android OS version 11 right out of the box. Beware, though – this one’s not cheap.
  6. Supernote A5 X: The productivity powerhouse that keeps you focused on tasks like note-taking and PDF trimming while offering customizable templates and multiple pen settings.

As we traverse through this enchanted forest of E Ink tablets, it’s important to remember that each magical creature has its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Some may dazzle us with their brilliant displays or bewitch us with their writing prowess, while others might lure us in with promises of productivity enhancements or tempt our wallets with budget-friendly offerings.

Whether you’re taking notes, writing, or reading, E Ink tablets provide a seamless experience that’s hard to match. Tablets with stylus input, magnetic pen, and no glare or backlight displays provide an experience akin to writing on paper. Plus, these tablets offer access to a variety of app stores so you can enjoy the convenience of scanning documents, reading books, or taking handwritten notes.

So gather your courage, dear reader. Let curiosity guide you as we continue our journey through this fascinating world where electronic ink meets cutting-edge technology.

Main Takeaway

The article explores the world of e ink tablets and highlights some of the top offerings in the market, including reMarkable 2, Boox Note Air2 Plus, Kobo Elipsa 2E, Kindle Scribe, Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C, and Supernote A5 X. Each tablet has its own unique strengths and weaknesses that cater to different needs such as note-taking, reading or productivity enhancements.

In-Depth Look at reMarkable 2

Picture a universe where you can have the utmost of both realms – the physical sensation of inscribing on paper and the comfort of digital innovation. Enter reMarkable 2, an E Ink tablet that has taken the tech scene by storm, offering an unparalleled writing experience with a realistic feel.

reMarkable 2

Grab your safari hats, folks, we’re embarking on an expedition into the wild heart of a technological wonder – the reMarkable 2. Its native tongue? PDFs and ePUBs, which it handles with the finesse of a seasoned gymnast flipping through routines.

In a generous streak of tech hospitality, a mere $ 2.99/mo. subscription to Connect (and a one-year free trial as a cherry on top) flings open the gates to a land of unlimited cloud storage. Your priceless notes, safely nestled in this cyber sanctuary, are as secure as the Crown Jewels.

But wait, there’s more. A superpower of sorts – syncing. With this, your literary masterpieces aren’t just confined to one device; they’re free to roam the gadget scape, making your work as accessible as a city park. Now, how’s that for staying in the loop?

  • Battery Life: With up to two weeks on standby mode or three days under heavy use (we’re looking at you, note-taking enthusiasts), reMarkable 2 keeps chugging along without breaking a sweat.
  • Magnetic Stylus: A premium pen glides effortlessly over its surface as if dancing on ice – truly remarkable indeed. The stylus input ensures precision in every stroke for those who demand nothing but perfection.
  • User Interface: Sporting an intuitive interface designed to minimize distractions and maximize productivity, this ink display tablet knows how to stay out of your way when it matters most.

Sadly though, not all is sunshine and rainbows in reMarkable Land. While our beloved Ink tablet doesn’t support Android apps or Google Play Store access directly (boo.), there are ways around these limitations for resourceful folks willing to tinker with third-party applications (yay.). But be warned dear reader: proceed at your own risk.

Now, you may be wondering, “What’s the price tag of this technological delight?” Let’s wander down the aisle of monetary facts. The tablet alone, unadorned with accessories, strikes a chord at $349 – a solo act, sans pen and folio.

The wand-like Marker Plus, with its magical eraser functionality, waltzes in at an extra $129. It’s not your run-of-the-mill quill, mind you, but a tool that might inspire the Shakespeare in you.

Then we have the folio, a bodyguard for your prized possession, starting at a sturdy $69. And for those who wish to make their reMarkable 2 a writing sanctuary, complete with a keyboard for your typing pleasure, the folio stands guard at $199.

So who is this magnificent beast best suited for? Professionals and students alike will find solace in reMarkable 2’s ability to keep them focused on tasks like note-taking or reading through documents. If you’re the type that craves a digital detox without sacrificing productivity, then look no further – reMarkable 2 was made for you.

Main Takeaway

The reMarkable 2 E Ink tablet offers a realistic writing experience with syncing capabilities and up to two weeks of battery life. While it doesn’t support Android apps or Google Play Store access directly, it’s perfect for professionals and students who want a digital detox without sacrificing productivity.

Exploring Features of Boox Note Air 2 Plus

Fancy a digital reading companion that’s easy on the eyes and loaded with flair? Look no further than the Boox Note Air 2 Plus. This nimble electronic notepad is more than just a pretty face – it’s like a Swiss Army Knife of E Ink tablets, ready to tackle your literary endeavors with silky finesse.

Onyx Boox Note Air 2 Plus

Let’s talk fashion first. Our tech starlet, the Boox Note Air 2 Plus, adorns a magnetic stylus. It’s not just a sidekick; it’s more like a Siamese twin, steadfastly stuck to the tablet’s flank, ever primed for doodling duty. As for portability, it’s slim enough to disappear into your backpack or briefcase without any fuss or added paunch.

Performance-wise, it’s no slouch either. It’s powered by Android 11 and lets you roam the digital aisles of the Google Play Store. Granted, some apps on this device might feel like they’re trying to waltz in a canoe. But hey, if you can tolerate a little occasional quirkiness in exchange for looking stylish, this could just be the ticket.

  • Stylus Input: The Boox Note Air 2 Plus pampers your penmanship with luxurious 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. Think of it as scribing on a cloud.
  • Larger Screen: Its 10.3-inch screen, armed with a front-lit display, is like a canvas under a starry night, perfect for both scribbling and skimming.
  • Battery Life: It has the stamina of a marathon runner, ready to power through late-night reading benders and note-taking sprees without breaking a sweat.

That’s not all. The Boox Note Air 2 Plus at $499.99 is full of surprises like a jack-in-the-box. Need to digitize a document? Scan it right into the device. Want to multitask? The split-screen mode has got your back.

To put it all in a nutshell, the Boox Note Air 2 Plus is a study in sophistication and versatility with a few minor flaws. If you’re weary of the tech buzzwords and crave a tool that’s ready to fuel your path to success, this sleek device may just tickle your fancy. It’s like having an entire library right at your fingertips, complete with the Kindle and Kobo Books apps for the voracious reader in you. 

So go on, take notes on your favorite books, and always be ready to unleash your ideas on the go.

Main Takeaway

The Boox Note Air2 Plus is a stylish and versatile E Ink tablet with a magnetic stylus, an Android 11 operating system, and access to the Google Play Store.

It has premium pen support, pressure sensitivity up to 4096 levels, a larger screen size of 10.3 inches with front-lit display technology for easy reading in dimly lit environments, long-lasting battery life, split-screen functionality for multitasking aficionados and allows you to scan documents directly into the device.

Delving into Kobo Elipsa 2E’s Unique Offerings

Prepare to engage in an otherworldly rendezvous where the antique charm of paper-bound tales dances an elegant waltz with the whizzbang wizardry of modern technology. Enter the realm of Kobo Elipsa 2E – an E Ink tablet that’s about as far from ordinary as the Mars rover from a Model T Ford.

Kobo Elipsa 2E

This device takes the cloak of invisibility to heart, melding seamlessly into the tapestry of your environment. Its pièce de résistance is undoubtedly the ComfortLight PRO, a chameleon-like feature that tweaks brightness and color temperature on a whim, so your nightly foray into Tolkien’s Middle Earth won’t lead to bleary-eyed mornings.

The Kobo Elipsa 2E also wears a green cape, not unlike your favorite superhero. Its components whisper a heartening eco-tale, molded from recycled and ocean-bound plastic, and recycled magnesium alloy. Even its packaging hums the baritone of sustainability.

A cornucopia of features awaits your tactile exploration:

  1. Larger-than-life display: Akin to a theatre screen for your literary escapades, the Kobo Elipsa flaunts a 10.3-inch, high-resolution display (227 DPI) that ensures every word erupts with the dramatic flair of a Broadway performer in their prime.
  2. Kobo Stylus 2: The Kobo Stylus 2 isn’t merely a pen – it’s a magical quill that enables note-taking and doodling in margins with the romance of writing sonnets by the glow of fireflies.
  3. All-access pass to literature heaven: The Kobo eBookstore is the key to a treasure trove of literature, boasting access to millions of classics and new releases, and entertaining an eclectic mix of popular formats like EPUB and PDF.
Kobo Elipsa 2E

Yes, there is a serpent in this Eden: the Kobo Elipsa 2E’s price tag at $399.99, which lurks on the higher branches of the E Ink tablet market. But isn’t literary nirvana a realm worth its weight in gold?

For the voracious readers and gadget gurus among us, if you’re chasing the unicorn that marries the comfort of an immersive reading experience with the boon of modern accouterments like note-taking and a vast library, the Kobo Elipsa 2E is your Holy Grail. It’s akin to holding an enchanted bookshop in your grasp – minus any unfortunate encounters with sorcerous misadventures.

Main Takeaway

The Kobo Elipsa 2E is an E Ink tablet that offers a larger-than-life display, magnetic stylus input capabilities, and access to millions of titles through the built-in Kobo eBookstore. 

Its ComfortLight PRO feature reduces eye strain during long reading sessions, making it a perfect choice for bookworms seeking unparalleled reading comfort with modern conveniences.

Kindle Scribe – A Budget-friendly Option

Ah, the Kindle Scribe. The frugal cousin of those fancy E Ink tablets that demand a king’s ransom. If you’re looking for an electronic ink tablet that won’t burn a hole in your pocket but still packs quite a punch, then this little gem is just what the doctor ordered.

Kindle Scribe

Amazon’s Kindle Scribe, priced at a modest $339, offers an impressive 10.2-inch display with 300 pixels per inch (PPI) and PDF markup capability. It even allows you to save webpages and view them later in various formats – talk about versatility.

Now don’t get me wrong; it may not have all the bells and whistles of its more expensive counterparts like the Supernote A5 X or Boox Note Air2 Plus. But hey, who needs all those distractions when you’ve got everything essential right here? Let’s take a closer look at some features that make this budget-friendly option stand out:

  • Magnetic Stylus: Say goodbye to lost styluses. This premium pen attaches magnetically to your device so it’ll always be by your side when inspiration strikes.
  • Built-in Light: No need for external lamps or squinting in dim lighting conditions. With its front-lit display, reading on Kindle Scribe is as easy as pie.
  • Vast Library Access: Download books from Amazon’s vast library through their app store or access content via other apps such as Kobo Books App and Google Play Store.
Kindle Scribe

Surely there must be some drawbacks? Well, yes. The Kindle Scribe may not have the most advanced operating system or support Android apps like its pricier siblings. But when you weigh that against its affordability and core functionalities, it’s a no-brainer for budget-conscious tech enthusiasts.

The Kindle Scribe is an ideal E Ink tablet for excellent readability without going over your spending limit. It’s proof that sometimes less is more – and who doesn’t love a good bargain?

Main Takeaway

The Kindle Scribe is a budget-friendly option for those looking for an electronic ink tablet that won’t break the bank. 

With its impressive display, magnetic stylus, built-in light, and vast library access, it offers essential functionalities at a modest price point compared to more expensive counterparts like Supernote A5 X or Boox Note Air2 Plus.

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C – The Colorful Contender

Behold, a digital chameleon, a digital device that slips effortlessly into the fabric of your surroundings, its radiant hues commanding your gaze despite its camouflage. Say hello to the Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C – an E Ink tablet that stands defiant amidst a monochromatic herd of devices with its palette of full-color ink.

Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C

This lustrous screen doesn’t merely masquerade as vibrant; it struts a high resolution of 2480 x 1860 pixels and comes to life with Android OS version 11, fresher than a newly baked croissant. It’s akin to having an exclusive red-carpet premiere of the latest cinematic spectacle on your very own personal silver screen.

But hang onto your seats, because this spectacle isn’t over. This technical tableau boasts a mighty 16-megapixel camera, ready to capture life’s capricious moments or snap document scans faster than a chameleon zaps a fly. And with a grandiose RAM capacity of 4GB, your digital journey will be as fluid as a freshwater stream.

More titbits to delight your tech-hungry tastebuds:

  • Size does matter: Bask in the sheer acreage of a 10.3-inch display size, a virtual playground for your digital content.
  • Never misplace your stylus: The premium pen clings magnetically to the device like a limpet to a rock, always within reach when creativity calls.
  • Open Sesame: Get your golden ticket to the vibrant world of Android apps with straight-off-the-bat access to the Google Play Store.

The one hiccup in this digital dream? The tag dangling from this feature-stuffed wonder is a bit weighty, checking in at $599.99. But can you truly affix a sticker price to advanced technology swathed in chic, vibrant skin? To those willing to splash out on top-tier tech, the Boox Tab Ultra C is akin to owning a plush sports car – it’s not just about commuting, it’s about savoring every nano-second of the journey.

So, if you’re itching to paint your E Ink tablet experience with a kaleidoscope of colors while still enjoying the spoils of an Android device, why not give this resplendent contender a whirl? After all, who claimed productivity and joy were mutually exclusive?

Main Takeaway

The Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C is an E Ink tablet with a full-color ink screen, high resolution, and Android OS version 11. It also features a powerful camera, ample RAM capacity, a bigger screen size of 10.3 inches, a magnetic stylus attachment, and Google Play Store access; however, it comes with a hefty price tag of $599.99.

Supernote A5 X – Focus on Productivity

Are you wearied of the relentless tango between the vintage charm of paper and the sleek efficiency of digital tools to wrangle your whirlwind of notes and musings? Allow me to present the Supernote A5 X, an E Ink tablet that brims with note-taking features, all wrapped up in a package designed to turbo-charge your productivity.

Supernote A5 X

Allow me to peel back the layers of its enchanting idiosyncrasies:

  • Tailor-made templates: The Supernote A5 X isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. It offers an array of templates, from ruled sheets for handwriting drills to grid layouts for blueprinting design drafts.
  • Picasso-inspired pen settings: Unleash your inner artist with a gamut of pen types, hues, and thicknesses that could turn your notes into veritable mini-masterpieces.
  • Play Tetris with your notes: With effortless ease, rearrange the sequence of your handwritten musings.

These captivating features harmonize like a well-rehearsed orchestra, though it does hit the occasional off-note with instances of mid-stroke writing lag, or a game of hide-and-seek with battery status indicators. But fear not! These are mere pebbles on your path. Its enduring battery life ensures this loyal comrade will stick with you through the ebbs and flows of your creative tide.

The Supernote A5 X is a paradise for tactile learners, those who revel in the physicality of interacting with their notes. It’s akin to owning a limitless notebook, ever ready to catch your thoughts, brainwaves, or spontaneous scribbles.

A modest investment of $514.00 ensures you receive the Supernote A5 X tablet, an EMR stylus pen, a USB-C charging cable, a protective folio cover, and a handy quick-start guide. If the figure seems a tad hefty for your coffers, Supernote extends a gracious offer of interest-free payments across 8 weeks, where you contribute $128.50 every fortnight.

If you’re on a quest for productivity, a handwritten journey aided by the modern convenience of technology, then this clever gadget is your treasure map. The Supernote A5 X will keep you on the course, whether you’re navigating notes or scanning PDFs, and offers an engaging writing experience reminiscent of traditional pen-on-paper musings. It’s a seamless fusion of old-school charm with the pulsating heartbeat of innovation.

Main Takeaway

The Supernote A5 X is an E Ink tablet that offers various templates, customizable pen settings, and the ability to move pages within documents. 

It’s perfect for tactile learners who want a digital notebook that never runs out of pages and provides an engaging writing experience similar to pen down thoughts on actual paper.

FAQs in Relation to E Ink Tablet

E Ink tablets offer several advantages, including:

  • Reduced eye strain due to non-backlit screens
  • Better outdoor readability in sunlight
  • Longer battery life compared to LCD/LED displays
  • A more natural and paper-like reading experience
  • Lightweight design for easy portability.

E Ink tablets differ from regular tablets primarily in their display technology. While traditional tablets use backlit LCD or OLED screens, E Ink devices employ electronic ink that mimics real paper. This results in improved readability, reduced eye strain, and longer battery life but may have slower refresh rates and limited color options.

The best E Ink tablet for university students depends on individual preferences and needs. Some popular choices include reMarkable 2, BOOX Note Air, and Kobo Elipsa.

E Ink panels do not have a wide usage potential like LCD panels. Its lack of color and refresh rates means it is only been useful for displaying static images, such as pages of books. E Ink panels have never been produced in quantities like LCD panels and therefore their production costs have never been lowered due to an economy scale effect.


In the end, it’s clear that 2023’s E Ink tablets have no shortage of ingenuity, deftly bringing the cozy familiarity of ink and paper into the digital age. From the kaleidoscope of colors offered by the Onyx Boox Tab Ultra C to the seamless note-taking functionalities of the Supernote A5 X, there’s a fascinating dance of tradition and innovation at play here, a testament to our unyielding drive to make technology an intuitive extension of ourselves.

And now that you’ve ventured deep into the ink-filled waters of these six cutting-edge tablets, you might just be feeling that unmistakable itch for innovation, a call to action to use these digital tools in ways you’ve never dreamed of before.

Why not plunge headfirst into “47 Online Business Ideas“, a treasure trove of inspiration where your shiny new E Ink Tablet could become your best ally? It’s the perfect follow-up to our inky exploration, guiding you through the myriad ways in which technology can open up a world of entrepreneurial potential.

So go ahead, dear reader. Let the sparks of possibility catch fire, and see where these marvels of modern tech can lead you. Here’s to the exciting journeys that lie ahead in this inky landscape of limitless potential.

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